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Working in a Technical Company as a Non-technical Person

01.08.2016| Article

When I started to work in Quva Oy as Marketing Assistant, I was not really sure what they are doing and if I will ever understand at least a bit of it. I like challenges and so I jumped into a field, I have never been before or had even any clue. Due to my education, I am more the business oriented person and not so much a technical person.

At first, I was nervous but the team was really nice and supportive. I started to get familiar with the products and I tried to understand what they are actually doing behind their desks. When I started to produce marketing material, I could always ask my colleagues and got an easy explanation to a much more complex topic. This kind of support and communication is necessary to keep the team spirit up and also to help the marketing department to make their job as good as possible to support the company in their sales.

In the end, I might not become a person with a technical understanding but I learn new things and have at least a small clue about it. This experience is helping me to develop my skills and knowledge. The great team and support of each other and the great working environment make Quva a great place to work in no matter if you are a business oriented person or more the technical person.

Now the question arises what is Quva actually doing? Quva is helping companies in the process industry to optimize their processes through analyzing the already collected Big Data and visualize the results for a more effective use. That information will help to increase the productivity, decrease downtimes of machines and optimize maintenance processes. In my opinion those services are an important help for the companies especially nowadays, where the competition is high and being cost and time efficient are big key elements to be competitive. And who would not be satisfied to save money and time and invest those for other important projects?

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