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Working at Quva - happy people

12.05.2017| Article

I’ll tell you a secret. Here it comes.

Happiness at work does not come from a never-ending list of benefits.

Benefits are irrelevant if your management can’t create culture that drives itself forward. Enthusiasm towards what you are doing and colleagues around you create the heart of your workplace environment and that is what it is all about.

  1. People. Hire those who can see the future and are curious about it.
  2. Love what you do. Okay, we all must do something to earn money. But if you don’t like your job, you are likely to become the one who is burden to everyone, including yourself.

When I look around at Quva’s office, I’m astounded by enthusiasm, curiosity and overall team spirit.

We are using to boost our team spirit. It gives us means to say thanks to each other more often. It’s just a little word that we usually forget to use, but when you utilize thank yous in your culture, it will flourish.

So, if your organization is not a happy one, go to your colleague and say thank you. As a by-product, you’ll feel better too – I’ll promise.

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