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When is winter coming?

25.11.2016| Article

In Finland, during SLUSH, it is often raining and the rains ultimately lead into winter. During periods of unstable weather one starts to think about whether to grab an umbrella when going out or when to wear waterproof clothing. There are different approaches in preparing for rainy weather. Others notice raining while being outside, whereas others play it safe and always carry an umbrella with them. Some people check weather forecasts before going out and prepare for predicted rain accordingly.

If everyone has the same possibility to use forecasts then why is it not done by everybody since forecasts are the best possible information available? There are a variety of reasons for this behavior such as: “forecasts are not always right”, “small rain is not a big deal”, and “there is no time to check weather forecasts”. In the end, it is everyone’s own choice how to prepare for rain, if at all.

In business, however, it cannot be everyone’s own choice. Small or big “rain” in a production site, such as unplanned downtime, leads to extra costs; continuous holding of an “umbrella”, such as running production in low speed, leads to extra costs; and errors in predictions can also bring extra costs. In other words, regarding efficiency and profitable business, being proactive in a well-informed way is essential.

Through digitalization and big data analytics, predictions regarding e.g. quality defects and maintenance needs are now more reliable than ever, hence potential threats in the future can be identified and dealt with better than before, transforming company operations from reactive into truly proactive. In other words, industrial big data analytics could prevent you from wet clothes and shoes in the future. Winter is not a problem when you are prepared for it.

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