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Thousands of sensors produce valuable data at Anjala Paper Mill to help to prevent production disruptions

This article was originally published in Finnish Tekniikka&Talous magazine by Kari Kortelainen and you can access the original article here.

The combination of sensor-produced data and local expertise helps to prevent production disruptions at the paper mill in Anjalankoski.

Empower will produce the Emsight analytics service at Stora Enso’s Anjala Paper Mill during autumn 2017. The service will enable addressing possible production disruptions proactively. It will ease the process operators’ work and improve the mill’s production efficiency. Empower will build the service in collaboration with Quva Oy.

Analyzing data without presumptions helps to find the root causes of any production challenges, which enables addressing them proactively instead of just reacting to them.

At the Anjala Paper Mill, sensors collect data daily from thousands of measuring points.

“Until now, we have gathered large amounts of data and considered how we could best utilize it. In this project, we are testing a new operational model, as each mill has its unique requirements that can be met using proactive analytics. Therefore, the benefits of this project cannot be directly transferred to other locations,” explains Kaisa Suutari, project manager in charge of new technologies at Anjala Paper Mill.

The Emsight analytics service is designed to analyze any faults in production processes or phases and to improve efficiency.

The data is analyzed by combining process and machine expertise with findings based on mathematical algorithms. Thus, the process is a collaboration of several experts.

The best results can be achieved by combining automated data analytics with process expertise and local know-how.


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