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Emil Ackerman, MSc

Managing Director / Sales

Emil is an enthusiastic IIoT business developer and a sales representative with the goal of becoming the best in both. He has a background in development of industrial services. Emil is also the chairman of Industrial Internet committee in Finnish Maintenance Society Promaint.

Juho Liljeroos, MSc

Business Development Director / Sales

Juho is a sales professional with strong experience from productization and business development. His duties combine development of international business, company offering, sales and marketing. His recipe to success is continuous learning, interdisciplinary background, hard work, and daydreamers mindset.

Tapio Manninen, DSc

Director, Big Data Analytics

Tapio has experience in developing state-of-the-art machine learning solutions for international companies, e.g., in forest, steel, and mining industry. Tapio's strong background in data driven analytics plays a key role in applying modern learning algorithms for real life applications and various Big Data environments. You can view Tapio's publications and patents here.

Antti Lehmussola, DSc

Director of Engineering

Antti has designed and implemented analytics solutions for various applications areas, ranging from heavy industry to health care. He works in customer projects as well as develops Quva’s products and services. You can view Antti's publications here.

Pekka Ruusuvuori, DSc

R&D Director

Pekka has a long experience from R&D projects in energy & process industry, as well as in healthcare and bio-sector. Pekka is responsible for management of research intensive projects. You can view Pekka’s publications and patents here.

Jyrki Selinummi, DSc

Director, Projects

Jyrki has extensive experience in managing projects for both heavy industry as well as for the public sector. This experience combined with background in software engineering and deep insight in large scale data make him the perfect match to solve your analytics challenges. You can take a look at Jyrki's publications and patents here.

Timo Erkkilä, MSc

Chief Technology Officer

Timo is responsible for designing and implementing predictive analytics solutions that scale to Big Data. Timo has extensive knowledge in analytics of production quality, especially in prediction of quality and detecting quality deviations from Big Data. Before joining Quva, Timo worked as a scientist at where he designed and built distributed Machine Learning pipelines for forecasting the demand of the tens of millions of items in the retail store. You can find Timo's publications here.

Niko Mikkilä

Senior Data Scientist

Niko is a multi-talented software engineer with ten years' experience in developing software and algorithms for signal processing and data analysis. His fields of expertise also include information security, systems software and distributed computing. Niko is focusing on data integration, security solutions, and microservice architectures.

Fahimeh Farahnakian, PhD

PoDoCo Researcher

Fahimeh has extensive experience in the development machine learning solutions for real-world problems. With a strong knowledge of data analytics, cloud computing and data center technologies, Fahimeh has been responsible for designing cloud services to help organizations analyze their data from multiple perspectives and summarize it into valuable information for the benefit of business operations. You can see Fahimeh's publications here.

Toni Korpela

Junior Software Developer

Toni has a passion for producing high quality code and improving user experience with smart solutions. He studies at Tampere University of Technology and has worked as research assistant at the Department of Pervasive Computing.

Tommi Lehtinen, MSc

Senior Software Engineer

Tommi is enthusiastic programmer with over a decade of experience developing software for Finnish and international customers. Tommi is specialized for scalable internet services, distributed systems and modern development methods.

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Board members

The growth and development of Quva is managed by a board of directors consisting of experienced heavy industry and software business experts.

The Chairman of the board, Jorma Tirkkonen, has acted in a managing position of several global business units in Cargotecs Kalmar business area offering cargo handling solutions, and in Valmet Automation offering solutions for pulp and paper industry. He has lived in North America for 12 years; first as the President of Valmet Automations US and Canada subsidiaries and later on as the President of Kalmars subsidiary with responsibility over North and South America operations. At the beginning of his career, Tirkkonen worked in Labko Oy in marketing, R&D, and as managing director. Other earlier positions include expert work for VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and the role of chairman in FIMECCs content workgroup and in the FIMA board.

Olli Pasanen, a co-founder at Quva, has been creating new start-ups since 2008 as a management consultant, seed investor or co-founder and always in a pretty hands-on manner. In 20012006, Pasanen acted as the CEO of Ionific Oy, a high-growth telecom and healthcare software company. Ionific was acquired by the Bangalore headquartered Sasken Communication Technologies in 2006. For Sasken, Pasanen worked as a Global Head of Sales in Telecom in 20062008.

Harri Happonen has 20 years of experience in managing and developing global industrial automation and IT business. He has worked with process industry and energy companies around the world. Harri has a PhD degree and is an alumni member of the globally top ranked Swiss business school IMD. Customer-centric innovation, service process design and getting the best real world value out of new technologies are Harri's favourite areas of interest. He joined the Finnish laboratory company Fimlab in 2014 to lead a business merging project and is currently in the position of Senior Vice President, deputy to the CEO.

Jouko Virtanen has 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur in international B2B field, selling decision-making support systems and services. His expertise in the field includes managing the Market Intelligence firm Global Intelligence Alliances (GIA) business development initially in Europe, after which he transferred to North America for 11 years, where he was responsible for the companys business in USA, Canada and Brazil. Virtanen has an extensive background in building profitable SaaS software and service business targeting Fortune 500 companies. As a co-founder of GIA, he had a significant impact on building a EUR 15 million business with 150 employees before the company was acquired by M-Brain Group in 2014. After moving back to Finland with his family, Virtanen has operated as the Chairman of the Board and active Partner for Takeoff Partners. In this capacity, he has worked with numerous growth companies as a seed investor, participating in board and advisor work.



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