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Meet the scalable proactive alarm system, Quva® Flow! Using industrial big data, it will increase your company's productivity easily and cost-effectively

Are you aware of your current state of data utilization? 

Usually, our customers gather enormous amounts of data in various forms. Processing this data is often marked by the silo effect and requires multiple tools and combinations. Typical symptoms for this kind of environment include quality issues, low utilization rates, safety-at-work challenges, slow fault diagnosis and increasing costs. The daily problems and challenges may vary, but very often the common factor is that decision-making is not supported by data because of inadequate or late information.


Quva® Flow helps you to utilize data to support your business on a whole new level

With the Quva® Flow proactive alarm system, our customers receive refined meaningful information in the right form, in real time and for the right people. Instead of offering a generic tool or platform, we configure our service to answer our customers’ concrete needs. Quva® Flow's real-time time series data optimized data analytics enables anticipatory operations by warning of problems even before any economic loss has been caused. A more extensive and real-time overall picture of your process data enables you to maximise productivity.

Use data analytics to gain competitive edge

If you want to run your business based on up-to-date facts, then you definitely want to make your data work for you. Quva® Flow’s analytics engine is tailored to automatically refine meaningful information for decision-support in complex settings with high data volumes. Our analytics algorithms are optimized to time series data, which are ample in the world of process and discrete manufacturing. Analytics engine is highly configurable comprising a variety of techniques from real-time statistical process control to machine learning and deep neural networks. You can rest assured that your organization’s information needs will be solved.

User friendly visualizations

The Quva® Flow alarm system provides its users with real-time visual information about process deviations enabling them to tackle issues more thoroughly. Because of its scalability and configurability, it suits various uses from predicting product quality to stabilizing production and cross-factory monitoring.

Quva® Flow’s advantages

Visual decision-making support
Data and predictions refined in visual form, which helps make better decisions on time.

Smart alarms
Allocated product-specific alarms timely direct attention to important deviations.

Predictive power
Utilizing real-time predictive big data analysis enables the shift from reacting to proacting.

Operating in real time
Both batch processing and real-time analytics refine relevant data and compare it to manufacturing history data.

Minimization of the amount of manual intervention  increases the utility of human labor.

The service enables utilising enormous amounts of data on production line- or factory-level—or even on the whole company's level.

Our service supports data encryption, and can leverage both on-premise and cloud data storage.

From tacit to organizational knowledge
Integrating the employees’ tacit knowledge as part of the solution and service.

Start utilizing data easily

Test the Quva® Flow proactive alarm system with the LEAN pilot, in which the service is set up into your environment in one month, and you can test it to support your operations for two months. During the pilot, you can verify the advantages enabled by Quva® Flow in your own environment, after which you can decide whether or not you wish to continue using the service to support your production routinely. The service can also be scaled to meet your needs easily and cost-effectively.



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