Industrial data analysis software

Analytics software for enabling more stable production for process industry.
Easy-to-use automated analytics and visualizations for mill personnel with seamless integration of mill data sources

Quva® Flow in brief


Mills gather enormous amounts of data in various forms. These data are often stored in separate databases, silos. Moreover, these data are underutilized, especially process data from manufacturing. Software tools typically used in mills are inadequate in bringing right information in the right format at the right time for the right people. This leads into symptoms such as quality claims, waste, slow troubleshooting, and increased costs through higher variation in the process.

Quva® Flow analytics software is dedicated to solving these obstacles and help mills to take full advantage of automated utilization of their own data, resulting in more stable production. In practice, Quva® Flow is comprised of three layers, which form a seamless flow of information from raw data to actionable information for decision support. The layers are seamless mill data integration, AI enhanced analytics engine, and easy-to-use visualization.

How is Quva® Flow different?

Nowadays, all companies are talking about industry 4.0 solutions and how their products are leveraging AI.

The key differentiating points, how Quva® Flow stands out from the market are:


High ROI through significant decrease in claims and waste (up to 20 %) combined with reasonable pricing


Proven advanced analytics and data models for process manufacturing, especially paper and cardboard production

Holistic solution for several mill roles such as operator, engineer, and manager

Fast implementation at the mill
typically taking less than 2 months.

Comprehensive data integrations

Quva® Flow was developed specifically to process manufacturing environments. Therefore, there are several data sources that we have already integrated the software with. If we are missing one of your systems, rest assured, we haven’t yet encountered a data source or a system to which we have not been able to integrate. Most frequently used data integrations include:


Honeywell PHD ABB RTDB Osisoft PI
Valmet DNA Tieto TIPS SAP

Use the built-in AI enhanced data analytics engine to gain competitive edge

If you want to run your business based on up-to-date facts, then you definitely want to make your data work for you. Quva® Flow’s analytics engine is tailored to automatically refine meaningful information for decision-support in complex settings with high data volumes. Our analytics algorithms are optimized to time series data, which are ample in the world of process manufacturing. Artificial intelligence enhanced analytics engine is highly configurable comprising a variety of techniques from real-time statistical process control to machine learning and deep neural networks. You can rest assured that your organization’s information needs will be solved.

Easy-to-use visualizations for various roles

World-class analytics gets you far, but something else is also needed for you to reach your goals. On top of its constantly running analytics engine, Quva® Flow provides mill personnel with real-time visual information about process deviations enabling them to tackle issues more thoroughly. Because of its scalability and configurability, it suits various uses from identifying issues in real-time at factory floor to AI assisted troubleshooting and mill level KPI drill-downs. Unlike traditional tools, Quva® Flow provides different views for different roles in the mill from operators to engineers and managers as useful information for one role might be useless for others.

Quva® Flow’s Features

Alarms View
Important deviation information on all process and quality data of products (e.g. reels, cooking batches) at a glance in an easy-to-use visual format.

Discovery View
User assisted machine learning to take troubleshooting from days of work into a few data-driven clicks..

Capability View
Interactive tool to identify and monitor mill-level key performance indicators such as amount of waste per day and drill-down to factory floor level deviations, which might explain the high-level issues.

Analysis & Reporting
A simple tool to make fast and informative graphs of selected variables from all production data regardless the source (e.g. process, quality, and other data).

Prediction View
Advanced machine learning to create soft sensor for production and e.g. predict end quality measurements through process data in real-time.

Monitoring View
Easily approachable product specific visual meters backed by artificial intelligence and alarms to help operators to better produce the wanted quality in a proactive manner.

Innovative feature to combine domain knowledge with automated data analytics of sensor and measurements data

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