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Not this sh*t again?

16.01.2017| Article

After that sentence had been shout out to the factory floor, every employee knew that this was the time to keep your head down and look like you were working like hell. 

A moment before this screaming shout, the factory lead had just received the daily quality report, which pointed out that the last production batch from yesterday had been 80 % second quality. It got even worse, the factory lead had no idea where the flaw was – neither did the quality manager. 

Now everyone on the factory floor were wondering whether they did something wrong, although most of the employees were quite sure that everything that they did was by the book. 

The reason for this quality flaw wasn’t just a person or a machine, nor it was because of poor administration. It was because of sum of different occasions that could had not been found out without reading and analyzing all the data sources that this factory provided. 

The quality flaw was hiding. It was hiding in 25 different variables and how those variables behaved together. Finding that kind of behaving from big data was almost impossible at the time this incident took place. 

Today the factory manager has got promotion for lowering second quality production by 80 %. Today the factory manager is implementing Quva® Flow for the rest of the factories as a new VP of Quality and Production. 

Be like the factory manager, be smart, use Quva® Flow.

You can start by ordering our guide for IoT.

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