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  • Mölnlycke has moved Quva® Flow to production

    21.09.2021 | News

    MÖLNLYCKE Health Care is a world-leading medical solutions company that designs and supplies medical solutions to enhance performance in healthcare – from the hospital to the home. Mölnlycke has started production use of Quva® Flow in their plant in Finland. As the Quva® Flow platform learns from the sensors and quality data, the usage is focused on process monitoring and alerting. Optimizing production processes based on analytics will allow for improvements towards the company’s sustainability goals through more efficient production, less waste, and lower energy and resource consumption.

    Mölnlycke is on a path to further advance its production excellence leveraging Quva® Flow platform’s easy-to-understand visualization with consolidated sensor and quality data. Mölnlycke is empowering operators to screen product-level quality in real-time as well as managing and optimizing product recipes and related measures.

  • Amcor Deploys Quva® Flow to Production

    30.08.2021 | News

    After a successful pilot, Amcor has deployed Quva® Flow to production in Finland. Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home- and personal care, and other products. Their use of Quva® Flow analytics platform is focused on improving quality in plastic extrusion lines enabling staff to quickly and easily identify root causes to the potential issues.

    Quva® Flow usage in pilot mode has demonstrated to Amcor's quality and operations teams how easy-to-use analytics and visualization coupled with statistical process control-based limits can improve productivity.

  • Democratize Analytics to Enable Improvement

    18.08.2021 | Article

    I used to say that the real business intelligence sits between the keyboard and the chair. This holds true to even most sophisticated analyt...

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  • Case article - Aurubis Finland Oy

    04.12.2020 | News

    Aurubis Oy, producer of high-purity and high-quality copper has been in co-operation with Quva Oy for bit more than a year now.

    We sat down with Perttu Heinilä, Production Manager of Flat rolled Products and discussed how Aurubis is targeting to turn existing data into meaningful, business supporting information.

    To see full story, please go and read article here

  • Quva KISS complexity goodbye!

    05.09.2020 | Article

    The origin of old stories is hard to verify. This story could be true or not, but I like it anyway: The lead engineer at the famous Lockheed...

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  • Big Data Analytics Stepping into Process Automation Systems – Who Makes Critical Decisions?

    09.08.2020 | Article

    In the digitalized process automation environment and IoT-world, subsystems and components like sensors, measuring instruments, valves, mach...

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  • Harness your employees’ tacit knowledge for production excellence with the right data tool

    14.06.2020 | Article

    Through their experience and common sense, machine operators and quality engineers on your production line have accumulated knowledge about ...

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  • Walki to join Quva's list of public references!

    12.08.2019 | News

    We are proud to announce that Walki, the leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials, joined our list of public references. Read more about Walki on their website.

  • “Big data has all the answers!” Fair enough, but what should you ask?

    13.06.2019 | Article

    My recent post ended in words: ”First find out questions relevant to your business and after that start utilizing big data and analytics s...

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  • "Do not sell us big data analytics!"

    12.06.2019 | Article

    “Do not sell us big data analytics”, said a director of a globally operating company to me a few years ago. “Sell traffic lights inste...

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  • Webinar on Data-driven Improvement on June 13th at 14 EET

    29.05.2019 | News

    You are warmly welcome to join our free 40-minute webinar on Data-Driven Improvement on June 13th at 14 EET. Experienced continuous improvement professional Tom Anderzén will be interviewed on the best practices of data-driven improvement. Access the registration page here.

  • Data-Driven Improvement guide is out!

    29.05.2019 | News

    We have just published a new guide with a topic of Data-Driven Improvement. Get yours in English or Finnish at our new guides section here. Several experts were interviewed for the guide including PhD Gregory H. Watson and Tom Anderzén.

  • How to Predict Quality Defects from Big Data Before You’re Losing Money?

    15.03.2019 | Article

    Every one of us has had an unpleasant experience filing a quality claim. Some of us have done it after buying a new pair of shoes and some o...

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  • Dataran in the World of Magic

    01.03.2019 | Article

    The year 1988. Officially I had a study leave to finish high school. In real life, I managed to get a job working in a 3-shift work at a pap...

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  • Webinar on Data-Driven Smarter Manufacturing on 12 March 2019

    15.01.2019 | News

    Quva's data-driven webinar series continues on the 12th of March at 15:00 Finland time with a topic of Data-Driven Smarter Manufacturing. Read more about the content and access registration through this link.

  • Quva receives €500,000 in growth financing and reinforcement for its Board

    18.12.2018 | News

    Quva Oy has received €500,000 in funding for accelerating its growth. The financing round collected from private individuals is supplemented by a product development loan granted by Business Finland. At the same time, the company strengthened its Board of Directors with three new members.

    “We have put artificial intelligence to work to improve production processes in the forest industry all over the world. Our service called Quva® Flow has achieved an excellent reception from our customers. We offer new and valuable data on production at factories to all key employees, i.e., production workers, process engineers, and production managers. This financing will speed up our marketing and product development efforts,” says Emil Ackerman, VP, Sales & Marketing at Quva.

    “We were looking for smart money, meaning investors with specific competence in our industry and also the desire to invest their time. We were extremely lucky to find such an outstanding team! Leif Frilund brings us vision and networks of European customers. Tom Anderzén’s long-term experience on the development of production and IT systems in the manufacturing industry is highly valuable for us. Heikki Halme’s personal experience as a successful growth entrepreneur in the software sector will further strengthen the Board of Directors. Jorma Tirkkonen is very familiar with the company and will continue in his previous role as the Chairman of the Board,” says Olli Pasanen, Quva’s CEO. 

    Leif Frilund is an experienced executive in international business who has worked as the President and CEO of packaging materials company Walki Group since 2007. Frilund previously worked as the CEO of BTG Group, a process instrumentation company based in Switzerland, as an executive at Ahlström, and as the CEO of Albany Fennofelt Oy. He has extensive experience of board work at privately owned European companies.

    Tom Anderzén has broad experience of management duties at Huhtamäki Oyj. Anderzén’s most recent area of responsibility comprised the development of business operations and strategy. He has previously headed IT organisations at, e.g., ABB and IBM. Anderzén works as a non-executive director and serves several corporations as a business consultant.

    Heikki Halme is a diversified developer of digitalization and disruptive business models. Halme has a long history as an entrepreneur, as the founder and CEO of Solita Oy. He possesses solid experience of startups and growth companies, especially in the IT sector. Halme works as a non-executive director and investor. 

    Quva's proprietary technology, which is based on artificial intelligence, reduces production waste in the process industry. It generates benefits as a decrease in complaints and more efficient use of raw materials. The cloud-based service of Quva, established in 2010, is currently in use at dozens of production lines around the world. Quva employs 15 data analytics professionals who have already implemented more than 150 artificial intelligence projects. The customers include, e.g., UPM, Stora Enso, Metsä Board, and BillerudKorsnäs. Quva’s 2018 turnover totals approximately one million euro.

    For original article in Finnish in Kauppalehti magazine click here.

  • Metsä Board joined Quva's list of public references

    05.12.2018 | News

    Our increased focus on pulp and paper industry is bringing results as Metsä Board, the leading producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards, joined the list of Quva's public references. Read more about Metsä Board on their website here.

  • Quva's Data-Driven Quality Assurance Webinar on December 4th, 2018

    12.10.2018 | News

    Quva will organize a very topical webinar on Data-Driven Quality Assurance on 4th of December 2018 at 14:00 (CET). Main presenter will be D.Sc. Tapio Manninen, who is the CTO of Quva. Short description of the webinar below:

    Manufacturing quality is dependent on the production process and process input such as raw material properties. Factories accumulate vast amounts of data that enable quality assurance to be taken to the next level using modern tools such as machine learning. The path from traditional quality inspection and real-time monitoring to data-driven statistical process control and, further, to predictive quality control will be presented in the webinar. Benefits as well as challenges in adapting new "AI" techniques for improving quality are discussed.

    You can access the registration link to webinar here.


  • Quva's management team is getting stronger

    01.10.2018 | News

    Starting from 1st of October 2018, one of Quva's founders Olli Pasanen, will become the new managing director of Quva. Former managing director Emil Ackerman will take take the position of VP, Sales & Marketing. Read the Finnish press release here.

  • Quva's seminar in Finnish on October 2nd in Tampere

    14.06.2018 | News

    Have a look at the awesome agenda and speakers from industry-leading companies and sign in here


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