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UPM Quva customer reference video

Quva® Flow - AI-driven analytics software for enabling stable production

Why should a company care about advanced analytics? - 2 min cartoon


Quva Oy: Data-Driven Improvement Webinar

With his extensive backround in a number of Lean Six Sigma companies including Huhtamäki and ABB, Tom Anderzén will cover the best practices of continuous improvement. In this interview webinar concepts of continuous improvement, data utilization, change management, and tacit knowledge are combined. You will learn about:​​​​​ The do's and don'ts of continuous improvement, How to utilize data comprehensively to create truly continuous improvement, How to empower your organization in making changes happen, How to harness the power of tacit knowledge in improving your operations.

Data-Driven Smarter Manufacturing Webinar

Quva's webinar on Data-Driven Smarter Manufacturing discusses four aspects: 1. What is the main takeaway from AI for a manufacturing company? 2. What to keep in mind when aiming at better data utilization in mills? 3. How can manufacturing be made smarter? 4. Lessons learned from Quva's 150+ data analytics projects.

Data-Driven Quality Assurance Webinar

Manufacturing quality is dependent on the production process and process input such as raw material properties. Factories accumulate vast amounts of data that enable quality assurance to be taken to the next level using modern tools such as machine learning. The path from traditional quality inspection and real-time monitoring to data-driven statistical process control and, further, to predictive quality control will be presented in the webinar. Benefits as well as challenges in adapting new "AI" techniques for improving quality are discussed.


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