"I believe we are now taking the first steps in creating a new culture within the production staff. It is much easier to have internal discussions as we all share the same data. If there is excessive variation in our processes, Quva® Flow helps us to focus our efforts and suggests root causes for anomalies.” - Aki Pönniö, Wipak Group Operations Analyst and Production Execution Process Owner


“Another big benefit has been in customer communication and customer experience. Having all the data gathered, analyzed, and visualized at the reel level adds value to customer communication. We can share more and more relevant, reel-specific product data. This has earned us a lot of trust within our customer base." - Jaakko Laurila, Quality Manager at Walki


"The initial idea with Quva was for them to develop a tool that would help our operators to maintain product quality. A testament to the success has been that the tool is now being rolled out to all Raflatac units globally"
,Jyrki Ovaska, Head of Technology at UPM


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