Batch and Reel Based Manufacturing

Whether you are producing coils of steel, reels of plastic films, or perhaps something else in an industrial large-scale process, you are most probably interested in running your production process with a high overall equipment effectiveness, OEE. 

We take your process to the next level.

Delivering on the promise of Industry 4.0

Process industry as a whole has a long history of collecting data from the processes, which in the era of Industry 4.0 is more beneficial than ever. Due to the huge amounts of available data, effective and timely decision-making can become challenging or even impossible. Managing quality in batch and reel based production requires a detailed path backwards from quality measurements for the reel or batch all the way drilling into underlying sensor data to understand where the variances are coming from. In a normal setting, this can be a challenging exercise as the reels or batches could have a wide variety of recipes and raw materials impacting the outcome. 

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