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Tacit knowledge

Harness your employees’ tacit knowledge for production excellence with the right data tool

14.06.2019| Article

Through their experience and common sense, machine operators and quality engineers on your production line have accumulated knowledge about the products, processes and raw materials that no data system could ever produce. When that tacit knowledge can be integrated into operational and process data, you can get the best of both worlds for maximum production efficiency.

Tacit knowledge is usually the most difficult form of information to communicate. Employees often operate on intuition, personal views and best practices that have formed in the course of many years of experience. They are something that are not easily recognized or put into words. Thus, they cannot be passed on to other people. They aren’t captured by data systems, either, unless the data tool has a feature to integrate human knowledge into data.

The most important thing about collecting user feedback and tacit context knowledge and integrating it into data is the ease of it. The more time and effort it takes to log and retrieve the information, the more probable it is that the users will ignore the feature.

That is why we at Quva work hard to further develop our data tool so that the users can easily communicate their tacit knowledge to others as well as utilize the best knowledge of others to help them in their day-to-day work. This is done with automation.

More automation means less effort for the user


Little automation – a lot of effort for the user

Users type their observations about the process data into the system log in between work tasks and search for relevant information in other people's entries using hashtags, for instance. Reporting does take some time and effort, but reporting can be made easier by automating the linking of keywords and tags into the text. Thus, the information relevant for each user is easier to find.

Some automation – little effort for the user

The users value the relevance of information for their own work by clicking a thumb-up or thumb-down. The system then learns to offer more high-quality and relevant information for all users of the same user profile. Clicking the thumb takes little effort, and the information valued by other users is available automatically with no effort.

A lot of automation – no effort for the user

The system continuously analyzes user activity in the background and, based on that analysis, automatically offers more relevant information for all users of the same user profile. For example, the system presents the detected anomalies in the order that the previous users of the same user profile have preferred. Everything happens unnoticed by the user with no time and effort spent.


Download our guide and read more about the benefits Quva® Flow brings to the different user profiles.

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