Specialty Packaging Materials

Specialty materials such as consumer and liquid boards are required to meet both high functional and visual quality. We help you take your process to the next level.

Balancing speed, cost, quality and sustainability

It is all about finding the fine balance between producing high consistent quality all the time and running the machines around the clock. Typically, mills have problems in reaching these somewhat contradictory goals. Huge amounts of data are available for decision support but current toolsets are often limited in providing actionable insights.

Quva® Flow provides unprecedented opportunities to systematically decrease variations in production parameters, through comprehensive utilization of mill data. With the software, mills can decrease the number of quality claims and related costs, decrease the amount of waste, and increase the end customer satisfaction without sacrificing the goal of high OEE. Valuable time of the production personnel can be allocated to more demanding tasks than manually combining data sources, selecting uncertain root cause variables, pre-processing of data, and other data-related activities that could be automated.


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