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18.08.2021| Article

I used to say that the real business intelligence sits between the keyboard and the chair. This holds true to even most sophisticated analytics, AI and machine learning driven algorithms. All the insights are there but how do we operationalize them and drive change in operations.

Providing access to the teams and individuals in the organization who can drive change especially in real time manufacturing is critical for the success of any continuous improvement project. Imagine sitting in the office planning on optimizing your lean manufacturing process and you come up with new ways to improve the quality. You write it up and take it to the plant or mill floor to the teams. Their initial response might be resistance – you’re coming from the “headquarters”. Reluctantly the operators agree to try new settings, but outcomes are not what you expected. While analyzing reel quality data afterwards you’re puzzled why the results weren’t what you expected.

Enter modern integrated platform Quva Flow. You and the entire team will have complete visibility to the data, settings and outcomes during the process in easy-to-understand dials, metrics and annotations to drill into the potential root causes. The operations team will see at a glance visualization of the limits set either by the recipe or statistical process control based on historical data. You can even add HR data on shifts to assess the human impact to quality and OEE.

Empowering teams and individuals is a key to any lean manufacturing as the process rarely is 100% automatic. And trusting individuals to doing the right thing requires giving them the right tools and information to be successful. Thus, always keep focus on democratizing access to relevant analytics!


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by Sami Hero

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